Yang Lee Tan, Fion CareBio Pte Ltd

Emi, 21

Skin Problem
Condition before use: ”My face looks dull. I have many pimples and pimple marks on right side of chin. This condition has been there for more than 5 months already.”

Condition after use: ”A church friend introduced me to try Lueur purifying cleanser. My face looks brighter just after using the cleanser for 3 days. The pimples start to dry up after about 2 weeks. I see a great improvement after 3 weeks! I am very happy with the results and even started to recommend to my other friends.” Products used: Lueuer Purifying Facial Cleanser

Ms Li, Beautician

Skin Problem
Condition before use: Very sensitive skin where skin turns red & itch easily especially when in contact with harsh chemicals. Therefore she is cautious to try new skincare products for fear of skin outbreak.

Condition after use: Tried Lueur skincare series, did not experience any redness or itch after use. In fact, face appears more radiant and feels firmer. Is very confident about using Lueur now and highly recommends it to her clients. Products Used: Lueur skincare range

Ms Bee, 20s

Skin Problem
Condition before use: Skin is reddish looking, open pores, prone to pimples and acne outbreaks.

Condition after use: She tried Lueur skincare, redness reduced after only 3 days. After 16 days, her skin looks radiant, redness calmed down significantly, pores minimised & less obvious. Products Used: Lueur skincare range

Ms Cici, 20s

Skin Problem
Condition before use: Skin is dull looking, pimples & acne.

Condition after use: She tried Lueur skincare. Redness reduced after only 1 week and pimples start to dry up. After 2 weeks, redness calmed, her skin looks smoother, pimples marks lighten. Products Used: Lueur skincare range

David, 63

Eczema Condition
He suffered from eczema for more than 20 years. Skin Conditions so bad that fingers and feet would often ooze liquid and bleed such that he had to stop work for last 8 years.

He took G&E’s products for liver,  immunity and anti-inflammation. He has since recovered so well that he is now able to go out to meet friends for coffee or a round of golf. Products use: Hepanamin liver care & supplements for immunity & anti-inflammation

Lois, 50s

Eye Issues
One day in Oct 2015, I saw flashes in my left eye that was so severe, I had to cover the eye with a cotton pad while using the other eye to see. Went to A&E at National Eye Centre for check. Was fortunate that it was not retina detachment but due to degeneration. However, doctor advised that the situation could not be reversed, and if it worsens, an operation would be needed.

I started taking G&E product for eye care.  Grateful that after 3 wks of consumption, the flashes were gone and I also observed that the floaters which had bothered me for the past 10 years became smaller in size and my vision is now much clearer. Products Used: G&E Eye Care

Ade, 50s

Eye Issues
One day in Mar of 2018, during a sports event,  all of a sudden from my left eye, I saw a few dark spots that were affecting my vision. I tried rubbing my eyes, but the spots did not go away. Realised the spots are floaters in the eye, but I had not known they could appear so big, almost like bean-size.

While waiting for an appointment at the Eye Centre for a detailed eye check, the GP doctor advised that should I experience many dark spots, I should go to A&E immediately. There is no remedy for floaters. I was given eye drops as lubricant for the eyes. A friend encouraged me to take G&E Eye Care products. I took it 3 times a day initially. After 2 days the spots became significantly smaller in size. After about 3 weeks, the floaters size became much smaller than when they appeared initially. Products Used: G&E Eye Care

Joanna, 50s

Cholesterol & Others
In Nov 2014, I went for body check-up and found my LDL to be 156mg/dl which is borderline high and doctor advised me to watch my diet, if not I will have to take western medication.

My sister introduced me to G&E food supplements. After 3 months of taking Prof Kuo’s  products, my LDL dropped to 130. I continue to take the products to-date and my latest blood test done in Mar 2018, it has dropped to 97.45mg/dl. In the same check up, I found another health issue, which is my pancreatic tumor marker reading was higher than normal. A healthy person’s reading would be less than 39U/ml, but mine was 53.26U/ml. The products helped me to reduce my pancreatic tumor marker level to 23.9U/ml as confirmed by a subsequent blood test done at SGH on 25th Feb 2015. Another condition I have was swelling in my lower limbs (pedal edema), a condition I had for 3-4 years. I consulted both Chinese TCM as well Western doctor and was told mine was not a serious problem. They recommended elevating my feet when sleeping at night or go for foot massage. I followed the doctors’ advice, but the condition did not improve and condition remained. I am someone who drinks less than 8 liters of water a day and so does not visit the toilet often. Surprisingly, despite that my habit of drinking water remains the same, the number of toilet breaks I take have increased, and as a result, the swelling in my lower limbs (pedal edema) has improved. Products Used: G&E food supplements series

SS Lim

Sensitive Skin
I have sensitive skin after an illness, my hand start to show rashes progressively. I took medications and they only suppress the symptoms as the rashes came back shortly after medications stop. Also, I tried a lot of rich moisturiser as both arms became very dry. This situation has been ongoing for at least 2-3 years.

Last year, I was introduced to Hepananim and decided to give it a try. The pictures have shown the transformation of my arms. This can only be attributed toHepanamin as well as God grace, as there is no changes to my lifestyle and food. My heartfelt thank you to Fion and the friend who introduced me to Fion. Thank you very much.

Nicholas - Professional Performance, 28

Sensitive Skin
My skin is pretty sensitive and due to the nature of my work, my skin is under constant stress. Over the years, I had been trying out many different ways to clear my skin and lighten the scars but to no available.

However, within 4 months of visiting CareBio, my skin had recovered a lot. The products they use are botanical and gentle on skin. After coming to 2 years, this is still go-to place every month.

Swee Leng, 60

Cholesterol & Others
I am told by my doctor to start medication for high cholesterol and high triglycerides in last Nov.  Within a short period of 3 days, I experienced severe joint pain and full body aching. Then, doctor told me to stop,  suspect I have side effect. At the same time, I started Hepanamin to protect my liver through a friend’s recommendation.

My Liver reading, AST also a bit high at 38.  As I worried if I were to take long term medication, it is best to protect my liver.  With the effect I have experienced before, I am a bit reluctant to start though my doctor has prescribed me another medicine.  I decided to try Hepanamin with my proper exercise plan daily and do a retest in 1 month time.  True enough, I am thankful both readings came down and doctor encouraged me to keep whatever I am doing.  I know Hepanamin is the one as I have been working hard through exercise for since the past months.  Nothing much had changed.  I am thankful I got to know CareBio. LDL from 7.59 to 5.59  mmol/L                             [ desire range < 5.2] Triglycerides from 3.12 mmol/L to 1.29            [Optimal < 1.7] Liver AST drop from 38 to 23                                [ desire range 10 – 30]

Mr Kang, 45

Fatty Liver
I had fatty liver for around two years.  Since then, I started correcting my lifestyle by incurring exercise and cut down in entertainment in unhealthy food and less drinking.  I do know milk thistle food supplement can strengthen in liver detox function and protect liver.  I have taken other brands of milk thistle and it really did not help much in each review. It is like maintain.

Until a close friend introduced me Hepanamin last year,  I decided to give a try.   Surprisingly, in my next review four months later, my liver reading  shown improvement (see below).  I am glad to know Hepanamin and will continue it as my daily maintenance as my busy work schedule is always overstress myself and not having sufficient sleep.   ALT/sGPT  54 drop to 23 GGT   261 drop to 161  

Siew Yen

Breast Cancer Patient
I am a breast cancer patient. I decided to take hepanamin after I finished my treatment as I want to remove the toxic in my body ASAP n improve my sleep. Due to the treatment, I will wake up 2-3 times a night and will have difficulty falling asleep.

After taking hepanamin for 1 week I only woke up 1-2 times per night and have no problem falling asleep. By end of 2nd, I can sleep straight for 6 hours. In addition, I am no longer having rashes due to the chemo drugs after 2nd week of taking hepanamin.

Andy Pan, 38

Insomnia I have been experiencing poor sleep and acid reflux for the past few years due to long hours at work
I came to know about Hepanamin from CareBio and have started taking it for slightly over a month and have experienced better sleep quality and one of the best part is my acid reflux problem is almost gone which is part of the reason for my poor sleep! I’ll recommend you to try Hepanamin for yourself if you are experiencing similar problems.