CareBio – Pay it forward yearly Program

Since 2014, I started my own business, I have set my mind to give back to society in my own way.

We need not be rich to give. I always believe Giving is always more blessing. Giving can be in many ways. In my business, I meet and provide consultation to handful of cancer patients and caregivers. I know the journey in fighting cancer is never easy for a family. Their stories and experiences always touched my heart.

In our hectic and busy work life schedules, I deem handicraft is always good relaxing or relief sessions for me.

From young, I always have passion in doing handicraft and I usually make personalize gifts for friends. I feel the value of true touch whenever gifts are handmade. Thus, I started conducting Handicraft sessions Free for my closed group of friends of common interest. In fact, over time, I accumulated my completed pieces and soon form a team to come together. Thus, I am more than happy to donate all my completed pieces for good cause. I accumulated my first cheque of $2000 that went to ASSISI Hospice Care in year 2016.

2nd handicraft fund raised held in Singapore Cancer Society JEM office on Nov 2019 raised about $3200. I am so grateful to have supportive volunteer teammates and friends coming forward together and contribute as a team in each fund-raise. In Mar 2019 and Feb 2020, CareBio also sponsored a token and form a team to participate in Relay For Life event organized by SCS.

In Dec 2019, with the encouragement and invitation by my cousin in law, Ellil Mathiyan, I joined him for a fund-raise of 12 Days Mongolia Expedition trip in extreme freezing cold winter trekking through full 5 days to raise fund for cancer patients. We really have to do our physical and mental preparation other than the full trip fare. Ellil is a dual cancer survivor and actively giving back on his own way. He is now a SCS ambassador and I am inspired by his spirit of living to his fullest each day. We have raised close to 40K as a team of 12. The trip to Mongolia also broadened my personal view on how fortunate we are living in modern world equipped with technology and conveniences. We really have to value all people and things around us today.

This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation, many businesses owners are having difficult times and I believe it applies to non-profit organization. Thus, I will continue to give back. I have started my volunteer in Singapore Cancer Society.

Make a difference. Save a life and support our donation line:

Walk with us. Help us finish the fight. Cancer never sleeps, even during a pandemic. Give the gift of HOPE.

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