Alliance Partners (Members Only)

(1) Nicholas Choy, Certified Fitness Specialist

Mobile: 93201633

Certified Fitness Specialist helping families get started on safe effective fun exercise. Focused on prevention and management of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood, and cancer. He is also an Educator in International Sport Academy.
Our collaborate target is to help 100 diabetes patients in year 2020.

Special Privilege
Whoever signed up 2 months Hepanamin program with CareBio, Nicholas is going to provide each client a free 15mins complimentary session via phone on how you can adopt healthier exercise habits.

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(2) MindEase Hypnotherapy
Contact Person: Patrick Ho
Mobile: +65 98183525

Empower overly stressed, anxious and depressed people to regain their mental health, physical and emotional health, so that one can be joyful and enjoy their life again. The therapy methods used are natural, direct, effective and participant is able to see improvements in as few as 2 sessions.
To provide free 15 minutes session via call or ZOOM to CareBio friends
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(3) Medi Therapie Pte Ltd
The Centre of True Healing
10% discount
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(4)  Mighty Tikes Learning Centre (MLTC)
For student @ Primary school and Secondary school level. Click on the picture for more details of MTLC !



(5) APEX
Professional Investment Advisory Services
Kavita Sonapal Kuar
Mobile : 81233551

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Comprehensive Financial Advice & Services.

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through proper management of your finances. It is necessary to improve the standard of living, decrease the probability of financial crisis, to protect your investments and to accumulate wealth over time.

You can be assured that your needs will be met by our customised plan and personalised service. Our quality advice and services includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

1. Wealth Protection

2. Wealth Accumulation

3. Wealth Preservation

4. Wealth Distribution

We conduct seminars weekly, where we educate the importance and identify the blind spots when it comes to Will & LPA writing or Retirement planning.

(6) H Nine Pte Ltd
Provide Kybounder range for your daily workout
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Address: 3 Pickering St, #01-46 Nankin Row, S'pore 048660

(7) James Tan, Car dealer
Mobile: 90700005
More than 20 years experience to serve my loyal clients.
Get your car yet to scrap, at great value! Higher than scrap value and export price. Whole sale price will be higher $$$. Don’t miss. Call us to obtain your best quote now!
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