About Us

Care Bio is established to care for, as well as to bring awareness to the enhancement of life and wellness. Despite our busy work life, we aim to bring Radiance of Life to each and everyone in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle we all so deserved. The food and skin series we offer, focus on the importance of the three ”R”s - Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Restore.
We believe in the breakthrough in Biotechnology advancement with natural ingredients that brought about Quality food beneficial to humans. We trust the superiority of the performance-proven products that were developed
with leading cutting-edge technology and global patent rights. Our stringent research team targeted chronic conditions and worked to develop products that deliver results.
We provide daily importance essentials for upkeep of Liver, Eye and Skin.  From interior to exterior maintenance, Care Bio brings back radiance of life to every individual.
Our loyal consumers love our skincare series as it is gentle (using all natural plant-based ingredients) and effective. Finally, here comes a skincare series that is just right for your skin. Most people would not be able to tell your age once you use LUEUR. You can say LUEUR is your non-surgical skin-lift for a YOUNGER you! For consumers who have eczema, sensitive or allergy skin issues, LUEUR is your best choice to maintain healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.  LUEUR is the brand that not just Women love it, Men love it too!

Our Mission

We care for the people to continue to serve and provide quality services and premium products with leading edge technology that performs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to research and develop products that enhances life and wellness of the customers with breakthrough technology. It is a promise that putting people's needs first and offerings that meet the needs.

Research and Development

Prof Kuo Kou-Wha believes that solutions for all conditions and their remedies can be found in natural plants and herbs, hence these are used as ingredients in our products. His Biochemistry and Molecular Science background served him well, enabling him to remove the impurities (such as heavy metals) and using Nano Technology to enhance the absorption rate of the extracted essence from these plants and herbs into the human body..
Professor Kuo’s 23 years teaching in a Medical University and 6 years understudying in the United States of America as an Assistant Professor and Post doctor allowed him to develop his Botanic Drug path till today. Thence, he had worked towards his belief and passion. He set up his first G&E Herbal Biotechnological Plant in 2002. His second PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/ Co-operation Scheme) plant is in readiness to lead his path to serving hospitals and clinics.
Professor Kuo strongly advocates that prevention and daily health maintenance using whole foods can help everyone at both tissue and cell levels.  He is extremely proud to have researched and developed Hepanamin, the botanic liver food series, which owns the Number One highest bioavailability rate. Statistics has shown that Asians are in an alarmingly rising trend of developing liver issues and fatigue due to our busy lifestyle and habits of keeping late nights.  Professor Kuo likes to make his generic statement, “As long as you have a Liver, you should take Hepanamin.” This is true, everyone has to maintain and upkeep a healthy Liver in order to prevent other related chronic conditions.
Professor Kuo has developed Botanic skincare ingredients that own Worldwide patent for anti-aging and anti-inflammation, without the use of preservative. His breakthrough innovative technology allows the essence of the skincare ingredients to permeate into our skin to rejuvenate, revitalize and restore its youthful and radiant state.
All these research and development by our Top-notch Biotechnology company and Professor Kuo and his leadership has led to our products and technology getting patents in close to 50 countries globally.

Here's a video to have a look on the high manufacturing control processes to provide excellence quality !

Prof Kuo Kou Wha 郭国华 博士